How to Help

How to Help

There are many ways you can help Creature Safe Place and the animals that call it home.  Gifts of time, items and money allow us to maintain the enclosures, provide food and medicine and keep our sanctuary running.  Volunteers with special skills, such as carpenters and contractors help us to expand and update the property and habitats.  No matter who you are, there’s a way to help.  Be sure to visit our Facebook page for special assistance requests.  

Supply Items

Every species has its own needs, but there are some items that we can ALWAYS use.  Cleaning and bedding items are especially important because they’re used up on a daily basis.

  • bleach  (every rescue’s best friend)
  • towels/blankets/fleece/sheets  (used are great, just please nothing loosely woven)
  • toddler size toys  (great enrichment for raccoons)
  • bird toys of all sizes~
  • zip-lock type bags (gallon size for storing daily food rations)

Most items can be dropped off by our hospital at 4500 McCarty Road.  If you require a receipt for your donation, please leave your name, email and contact number with your donation.  Creature Safe Place is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so donations are deductible as allowed by law.

We love and support our local businesses! If your business has a bulk donation, please contact us at 772-579-0618 if you require pick up.  


Annual Auction Fundraiser Items

We hold a Chinese auction event every spring (usually March).  The proceeds from this event go a long way to covering our annual operating costs.  We collect items for it throughout the year.  Home decor, books, computers, pet supplies…pretty much anything except clothing or furniture…are all accepted.  


Specialty Items

Got something special you’d like to donate?  Please call us at  772-579-0618 to inquire about donating items like storage sheds, equipment and fencing or building supplies.